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Tian Di Yuan Su claims first major casino win!

Tian Di Yuan Su claims first major casino win! Tian Di Yuan Su, a casino in Macau, announced that one of its patrons had won a large jackpot this week. The lucky player hit a progressive slot machine for more than $11 million. This is the first major win for the casino, which opened earlier this year. The establishment is part of the Galaxy Entertainment Group, which operates several other casinos in Macau. Officials for the group say that they are thrilled about the win and that it will help to boost business at Tian Di Yuan Su. They are already planning to celebrate with the lucky winner. The jackpot is the latest in a series of big payouts at Macau casinos. Earlier this year, a player at another Galaxy property won nearly $27 million on a single spin at a slot machine. Casinos in Macau have been seeing a decline in revenue recently as Beijing cracks down on corruption. However, these massive wins are helping to keep things afloat. Gods of Nature (Tian Di Yuan Su) now ava

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